By Kaja Ramšak


You have it here,

the most depressed one of all.

But don’t you worry dear,

I only talk about fall.

There are colourful leaves,

gathering around.

Maybe you feel the beliefs,

or maybe you’re already drowned.

This time of year is quite clear,

nothing special is going on.

You may see some pumpkins appear,

Never mind, they disappear by dawn.

South is waiting for birds,

maybe even you could go.

Not just escaping the fall in words,

but to go after the flow.


Darkness, cold and snow,

usually throw shade on winter days.

But have you ever noticed its glow?

It warms your cold heart in some ways.

Grass fields are covered in white,

roads covered with ice,

the days may not be as bright,

but every beautiful thing has its price.

You see children playing outside,

building snowmen everywhere.

There are footsteps you just can’t hide,

so take advantage of that once in a year.

It’s not like other season,

It’s more like a surprising kiss.

But that’s the main reason,

why you don’t want it to miss .


You know that spring has come,

when birds are singing,

sun is shining,

people’s faces again are smiling.

 Winter is over,

there’s no more snow.

Quickly like a soundtrack cover,

flowers start to grow.

It tastes like inspiration,

like wind blowing your hair.

Fresh love, charity foundation,

important to people that still care.

But that is not all about spring.

There is so much more.

Sometimes they call it the thing,

until new snowflakes starts to fall.


Most beautiful things

are July’s evening nights.

Stars bring up that zings,

like there’s a thousand sky lights.

By day there are usually gone,

but nature can offer more.

Like a smell of mow lawn,

or flora you can only adore.

But sometimes sun shines too much,

destroying the nature’s creation.

It can hit you like an uncomfortable touch,

if you are a seeker for its inspiration.

During this period of time,

you’re able to do more.

 like making up a rhyme,

‘cuz that’s what summer is for.