Our high school club called SPUNK prepared a special project for this year’s theatre. The story about The Little Match Girl from one of the most famous story writers of all time – Hans Christian Andersen – was adapted into a school play. It’s a story about a poor little girl, who sells matches in the streets to earn money for her family. She does that every day – in cold, at night, in thunder and also when it’s the holiday season. But one night, on a New Year’s Eve, the girl stopped selling matches. On one of the coldest nights of that given time, the little girl froze to death. It was a horribly painful death, and before freezing to death the girl’s mind started to act weirdly. Due to her low body temperature, wind, and extreme cold, the girl started seeing things out of this world. Hallucinations, voices in her head, illusions and other crazy things made a mess in her head. The girl couldn’t think clearly, she saw everything bigger than it really was, people’s expressions were presented to her way over the line and she slowly drowned in her own mind. To keep warm, she lit the matches she was supposed to sell. The only thing the matches brought to her was her deceased grandmother talking to her from the flames. She wanted to remain with her beloved grandmother so she lit all the matches she had. It was brighter than ever and the girl begged her grandmother to take her with her. Grandmother took the girl in her arms and carried her to a better place. A place without cold, without envy or greed, with no sins … she took her to paradise. More than 20 students from our school participate in the play. Main characters were played by: the little match girl was played by Zala Breznik Domej or Patricija Pogorelčnik and a boy was played by Lucijan Cokan. Other actors, dancers, singers and technicians contribute to the playd as well. We had the help of our mentors – choreographers Mateja Rožič and Lucija Boruta; costume designer Mateja Furlan; scenographer Peter Hergold; choir master Almira Rogina; main technicians Peter Rubin, Vojko Šuštaršič; co-ordinator Natalija Fužir and the director Sašo Čaminski. We practiced for quite some time to make the play as perfect as possible. It was hard work, but we all had fun, enjoyed spending our time together and mostly enjoyed being on stage. Because the feeling of performing on stage in front of a crowd, doing something you love, is probably one of the best feelings ever. The play premiered on the 7th March 2019 and since then we have performed it multiple times. For the time being the play is not being performed, but will hit the stage again around Christmas time next school year.