On 18th of September there was an event outdoors on a private alpaca farm in Pameče. The point of it was laughing yoga with a twist, the twist being that we were joined by alpacas.

Laughing yoga is a special type of yoga where you raise your vibrations with different breathing exercises and forced laughter until you actually find it funny. It is a therapeutic form of relaxation and improving your health. It was led by a professional yoga instructor, Katja Kotnik Prosenjak, who has been teaching for 15 years.

Alpacas are very therapeutic animals, often used to help people with autism, and are preferred companions in nursing homes. They come from the Andes, mostly Chile. They live above an altitude of 4000m, which explains why they spend the winters outside.

They are domesticated animals, but still a little frightened around loud noises, especially clapping. After the exercises, we hung out with alpacas and had a feast. We met the owner Tajda and her mother Anica. Jaka, Tajda´s boyfriend and her father Jože are also part of the team. We discussed their work and ambitions.

We think it was a productive morning and it felt good to soak in the sunlight and the positivity. We gained enough energy for the whole day and loved every minute spent there.

If you would like to know more about them and their work, you can visit their website https://alpakaland.si/.

By Maruša Kašnik and Ajša Pavlič