During his lecture, Mr. Marko Hren talked about the importance of the behavior of our ancestors, which until now has not been enforced throughout Europe. He presented the inhabitants on Slovenian territory, before the Christianization of the Slovenes in the eighth century. This was followed by a presentation of the customs and traditions of these Slavs and their beliefs, e. g. the ritual angle (23.5 degrees) and the power of certain places on Earth, which were used as setting for healing shrines and important ritual places. He continued this with a slightly strange, but interesting topic about the knowledge of Plečnik’s architecture regarding these ritual corners, namely how he incorporated them into his buildings, e. g. The Three Bridges, the Zois Pyramid, the Slovenian Parliament, etc. In the meantime, he added his own evidence, which he found near Kobarid, and how every year he goes with his family to “The White Fairies”, who taught him most of the knowledge he passed on to us in the presentation. During the presentation, however, it seemed to me that he was slightly deviating from the proven to predictions, he talked about theories that are not exactly proven. For me, it was slightly incomprehensible and weird, but I nevertheless completely agree with the main purpose of his presentation. I think that Slovenians do not know enough about our own pre-Christian ancestors and their way of life, despite the preservation of some traditions, such as the carnival. Personally, I would change the presentation to focus more on the everyday life of the people of that time, on their holidays and what it was like to live at that time. In general, I rate this presentation as fairly good, as it nevertheless put forward a couple of ideas that will be useful to us in life and offered the necessary spike in interest to continue our education in this direction.

Rok Klemenc, 3. a