The use of mind-altering drugs is as old as humanity. Prehistoric men drank fermented beverages, ancient Egyptian writings describe the use of wine and beer, South American Indians knew the stimulant properties of coca … Even today, the use of drugs is found in all societies and all classes of society. The motives for starting to use are curiosity, snobbery, the attraction of the illicit, a symbol of protest or rebellion, the inability to cope with life’s ills and conflicts, consumerism, and the increasing loneliness and alienation among people.

The use of illicit drugs, especially alcohol and nicotine, is widespread in our social environment, causing many illnesses, poor quality of life, the breakdown of families, and many traffic and work accidents. Despite all this, the tolerance towards alcohol and nicotine consumption in our society is very high, which is certainly very wrong in the long term. The use of illicit drugs is also well tolerated, especially among young people. A drug is the worst friend a person can imagine. Many people in the world think that they cannot live without it and that it is their reason for living. That is why there are so many deaths in the world. Some countries allow the open sale of drugs, which is very disgraceful, and this can increase people’s addiction. Addicts find drugs illegally, and some even abuse their daily medication. Drugs leave a psychological, physical and even physical dependence on the individual. This occurs when the individual is not satisfied with the basic dose of the drug and gradually increases it as the body becomes accustomed to it. The first contact with a psychoactive substance can be great. There are people for whom the effect of the drug as an experience means nothing, or for whom it has markedly unpleasant effects. For some people, the drug experience is a revelation, something completely new and inviting them to try it again. Treating addicts is professionally demanding, time-consuming and expensive. The success rate of treatment is extremely low.  Addicts in treatment often do not last long without the drug and, after a while, start abusing it again. Addicts receive help from a variety of institutions ranging from treatment centres, prevention centres, social work centres and various associations,

Written by: Ana Filip Plazl