by Anastasia Gorgieva


In a world of constant change and new liberalised way of living, a certain class of 4.a is still holding on to traditions. One of the many is an annual “Secret Santa” event.

During the festive days of giving and receiving, they organize a gift exchange among each other. At the beginning of December all of the 21 names are written on pieces of paper and each person picks one from the bunch. So each person becomes a secret Santa gift giver and a secret Santa gift receiver at the same time. The selection is completely secretive and unpredictable and telling who you got is not an option and it is forbidden.

Each secret Santa has to buy a gift for their person within the 5 euro limit and they have the time to do it until the last day before the Christmas holidays. They then wrap the present and write the name of their chosen person.

The class meets an hour before school starts in the school lobby and puts all of the presents on a table for each person to get. After all of the presents are gone each person has to guess who their secret Santa was. More often than not the guesses are very far off but the whole process is nonetheless fun and very heart-warming.

The tradition started in their first year and has continued throughout the years. This year however is the last secret Santa of the class and many are sad that the tradition will be over. Great presents have been given through the years and many memories have been made with this tradition, so the class see it as a thing they will remember most about Christmas in high school.