After World War 2, people started to bring back the ideology of nazism. Neonazism spreads homophobia, antisemitism, racism and nazism itself. The goal of neonazism is to build the 4th Reich and the rise of national socialism.

Neonazis deny that the holocaust happened and still spread that idea around the world. Neonazism is found all around the modern world. Countries with the largest number of these people are Germany, Czech Republic, Greece, Serbia and Russia. Even Slovenia has a number of people who are a part of neonazi groups. People gather in groups to have discussions, party and the worst; they hurt people and vandalise places. They are known for interrupting governmental protests. In Slovenia, there’s a group of people (not specifically neo-Nazis, just supporters of right-wing politics) called yellow jackets who interrupt the protests by shutting down other protestors.

Neonazis use a number of signs and symbols such as a swastika, Carantanian panther, numbers 777, 18, 88 and the black sun. These are just some of the symbols, because there are new ones being created at an alarming pace. We might even see some of them every day (on graffiti, social media, …) but don’t realise what they mean. People get these symbols tattooed on them, like the Italian boxer Michele Broili.

Recognition is important. These people are not trying to be recognised by anyone but their kind. Their wardrobe is usually black platform shoes, black pants and jackets. Their heads are often shaved but not always. We can spot them on the streets of bigger cities or even smaller communities. Such people are dangerous and not worth approaching.

 The biggest issue around this ideology is that it’s getting passed on from generation to generation. Children are growing up with false historical information, and it’s not hard to agree that they end up developing behavioural issues. Many reports have been filed on parents, but they couldn’t do anything since there is basically “nothing wrong”. Teenagers walk around with shirts with logos of neonazi clans, such as “Blood & Honour”, which is a well known world wide group.

Everyone has their own perception of things, but some are just wrong, such as praising a leader who organised to kill people who were different. The world needs to change and it all starts with how and with what information we raise our children.

Written by: Lana Epšek