ANIKA: Hello, my name is Anika Sešel. In my free time, I like to sleep and play handball. I also love
spending time with my dog and my friends.


GAJA: Hi, I’m Gaja and I absolutely love books. I might as well have a whole library at home, so that
serves as a kind of proof. Apart from that, I also play the guitar and I love animals; having three cats
and two dogs at home.
VANESA: I’m Vanesa and in my free time, I love to read and listen to music. I’m a pretty introverted
person but I do my best to be social. When I read I go into my own world and that means a lot to me
since I overthink a lot and stress over non-important things. English has always been my strong
subject and I’ve loved it ever since I was young.
NIKE: My name is Nike. I love reading books, writing poetry, skateboarding and skiing. In my free
time, I bake banana bread and my special muffins. In my opinion, there is no greater comfort than a
DANIJEL: I like history, watching Youtube and listening to music.
MAI Hello, my name is Mai I’m Interested in anime, video games, mythology, and diving.


SARA: My name is Sara. I really love reading books, being outside and listening to music.
IKA: My name is Ika Ogris. In my free time, I like to read or listen to music. l also train karate and
have a black belt in it.
VALENTINA: Hello, my name is Valentina Popič. In my free time, I like to play the piano, go on
walks with my dog and listen to music!
TILEN: I’m Tilen, a member of the technical team here at Eye Catcher. My interests include but are
not limited to history, mythology (especially Greek), movies, cycling and hiking.
TAMARA: I love reading, especially outside when the weather is warm. In general, I like
spending time in nature. I play piano, ukulele and guitar. My favourite sport is swimming and my
favourite season is spring.
VAL: I am Val Vunderl. I am from Šmartno pri Slovenj Gradcu. I really enjoy playing basketball and
football with my friends. I also enjoy playing video games.


NUŠA: My name is Nuša. I’m a discus thrower. I’ve been training in athletics for 11 years. I love to
travel. I’ve already been to 10 countries and I would love to see more in the future.

AJŠA: I’m Ajša. I’ve been dancing for 12 years and I also have been playing the flute for the past 7
years. I enjoy listening to music, especially while watching the sunset. I love animals and hanging out
with my friends.
MARUŠA: My name is Maruša. I have been playing tennis and piano since I was 7. I like to draw
or paint, write songs and poetry when I’m in my feelings, and listen to classical music somewhere in
the woods to relax and calm down.
TJAŠA: Hey, I’m Tjaša Verhnjak. I love dancing and listening to any kind of music there is. I also enjoy
watching good TV shows or movies, but the best thing is going on an evening walk in nature with my
favourite playlist.
ANA: My name is Ana. I like to read, especially crime. I am interested in murder and psychology.
ALEX: I’m Alex Tomasini and I’m a part of the promotional team. People know me as a cheerful,
happy and sociable person because I believe that everyone should enjoy life and use the time that
they have left as best as they can. I think that we must pursue the things that we enjoy the most. I’m
interested in history, music, movies and literature, but my biggest interest is theatre acting. I’d say
that the stage is my second home, because I’m at my happiest when I’m acting on stage, and I
probably enjoy it more than those who watch me.
JULIJA: Hello, i am Julija Belovič. I love reading books and spending time in nature. I like helping
others and volunteering for different occasions and purposes.
LENA: Hello! I am Lena Namar. I am an all-around happy person, but like everyone, I have my bad
days. My dog named Oli brings me a lot of od joy and happiness in life. Besides that, I also play
basketball, which is my favourite sport. I have been training it since I was 8 and I would not change it
for the world.


LANA: My name is Lana Epšek, I like photography, art and music.
ŽAN: I am Žan Koprivnik. I practise handball, but otherwise, I enjoy all sports.
JAN: My name is Jan Kušej. I am a universal person and there is nothing in the world that I do not
like to do. I often spend my free time with my friends, doing some cool stuff. I look at the world with
open eyes, and I am careful not to overlook important events that are important for a better life.
AJDA: Hi I’m Ajda Marija Jamnik. I train volleyball and also like photography and listening to music.