We are the class 2.a, a group of 26 creative individuals and the new Eye Catcher team. Our goal is to report on news, give you insight into our school and personal life, share our art, and talk about topics we find important. Our team of photographers, artists, writers, poets, comedians, athletes, and travellers is hoping to inspire you to be creative, think outside the box, explore, and try new things. You can find us here or on Instagram at @eyecatchergim.        (Photo by Neža Mojškerc)

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Our Founders

My name is Anastasija Gorgieva and I am an 18- year- old student of Gimnazija Slovenj Gradec. I live in Slovenj Gradec, but I am originally from Macedonia. I love reading books, mostly novels, and learning about history. I consider myself an introvert, but many people will say that I am quite the opposite. I enjoy alone time and tranquility, and am not a fan of loud places. I often read about issues in our world today, which is why I am passionate about activism and politics, as well as social justice. My aspiration is to be as informed about important subjects as possible and also to inform others.
My name is Ana Aberšek, I am 18 years old and I am a student of Gimnazija Slovenj Gradec. Besides just going to school in this little town, I was also born and raised here. I love nature, animals and therefore my favourite school subject is biology. I consider myself a very outgoing and eccentric individual. I am also very talkative, so if you want to hold a conversation with me, be prepared! But all in all, I consider myself a very friendly person.
Hi. I am Neža Jelen Križovnik. I come from a small town Mislinja where I have lived all my life. I am usually not very good at describing myself, but here it goes… I have been training athletics for 2 years now and I cannot imagine my life without it. Before that I trained ballet and played the violin so music was and still is an important part of my life. There is one thing I really love to do and that is travelling. So my plan for the future is to travel as much as I can to discover beautiful corners of the world.
My name is Miha Krištofelc and I am a writer for the school newspaper, I like watching TV shows and movies and I watch a lot of them. My favourite TV shows are: Game of Thrones, The 100, The Expanse, Vikings and many more. I also like listening to music, I like most genres of music, but my favourite bands are Imagine dragons, Coldplay, Maroon 5. My latest hobby is playing video games, I like all kinds of games, but my favourite type is strategy, specifically space strategy games.
Hi there. I'm Kaja Ramšak. I am going to introduce myself with some things that define me the most. First thing is dancing. I love jazz ballet and I am also a part of a dance group. I’ve always loved to express my feelings through movements so that’s definitely something I really like to do. The second thing is my unhealthy obsession with history and everything connected to it. So, if there's something historical happening -I am going to be there. I also like listening to Def Leppard, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Whitesnake. And then there is Science. Yup, I like physics, space and just basic scientific stuff. That's it. I hope you'll find my input at least a bit interesting.
Hi! My name is Staša Aberšek. I am supposed to tell you something about myself, so ... I love to dance- it's my passion but I have also been playing tennis since the 3rd grade. I have one little dog, she is prettier than most of the humans. I took up drawing in the 8th grade and I am slowly improving. I love to sleep and eat- like most of you... and that's all about me.
Hi there, I'm Neža Razbornik and here's a little info about me. I'm a big history lover, but I also love music and dance. I've been dancing since I was 4 years old so that is definitely my favourite hobby. I'm a big fan of reading science fiction novels and I love books on Greek mythology. I love watching movies, my favourite genres are sci-fi, comedy, action and horror. I'm a big animal lover. I adore dogs and I have one at home.
Hi! My name is Ana Hribernik, I'm 17 and attending class 3.a. I speak Slovene, English, and a little bit of German and Italian. I used to play cello for 6 years when I was in grade school and then decided to train volleyball. Even though I'm not training anymore, volleyball gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of new people who even became my best friends. In the past year I discovered a true passion for series. I watch Game of Thrones, Vikings and Breaking Bad. I love skiing and I honestly can't wait for winter break! My favourite part of the year is when I go to Austria with my family for a few days and get to see beautiful mountain tops covered with snow. Maybe there's one thing that I should point out. I really, and I mean reaaaally like food. I live by the principle »THERE'S ALWAYS A PLACE FOR DESSERT, NO MATTER HOW FULL YOU ARE.« This should be a quick synopsis about my life.
Hello. My name is Živa Verdnik. The point of this text is that you get to know me, so here we go: I love to listen to music and I also play the flute and the guitar (or I’m at least trying). I love to read books, but nowadays I don’t have time for it anymore … (damn you, school!) The most important thing about my family that you need to know is, that I have a cat (and two brothers, but my kitty is cuter, to be honest), which is funny, because I always wanted to have a dog. But don’t get the wrong picture, I still adore my cat! I really appreciate originality in art, music, literature etc., even if it is a bit eccentric. In my opinion, being a bit weird is sometimes even better. So I have a feeling that I’m starting to give you a bit too much information (and you are probably starting to get bored) so I will finish here. I hope you’ll enjoy my works in this newspaper. See you soon! ☺
I'm Nik Kojzek, everyone! Since I have no choice, I'm going to introduce myself in the best way I know how. I love history, especially the history of Egypt and even more of Cleopatra VII. I also love to paint and annoy other people, constantly. I usually talk a little too much but I am very friendly. My favourite drinks are tea (Turkish) and Martini. Travelling is my passion, my top destination is Turkey, you can't go wrong with that. When it comes to music, my favourite are hits from the two thousands (Britney Spears, Shakira ...). I like to make people happy, so I hope that this introduction wasn't boring, have a good day Y'all.
Presenting yourself… There isn't a tougher job for a writer than that. Sure, a writer can mirror himself in his works, but just doing it straightforwardly, now that is a completely different story. So, without further ado… The first thing that I can tell you about myself is the fact, that I am pretty sure everyone can notice on me and that is that I always wear a smile on my face. I am a very optimistic person and sometimes too much. But then again, is there really a limit for being too optimistic or happy? I am also a big dreamer. Honestly, daydreaming could just become my profession. But don’t worry, I have real goals for myself, too. I am honestly a really organized person and I always plan everything in advance. Is making lists considered as a hobby? Because I am pretty sure I could make it into one. Otherwise I really like to dance and listen to music in my free time. And of course, reading books and write. I am also passionate about cooking and baking. My friends especially enjoy that fact about me, because who doesn’t like food? My friends mean a lot to me and I would do almost everything for them. But if I just quickly sum up my description, so you won’t have to read a whole essay about me (nobody really likes essays), people would describe me in a sentence as a sweet reliable girl, who loves to help in any kind of situation.
Hi! I'm Ines and I love reading and writing. I also like wasting my free time on watching anime and listening to kpop. Learning languages is just another strong passion of mine. My favourite language is English, and I'm currently learning Spanish and Japanese.
My name is Aja. In the Hebrew language, “aja” is defined as a little goat; however, I would define Aja as a person that feels most comfortable wandering the forest or cuddled up with a good book. I am currently 17 years old and live in Radlje ob Dravi. I love to read and collect books, play the piano and dance. I also sing in a girls’ choir. I like to paint, take photographs and spend time in the nature. I’m a vegetarian. I have a turtle named Elva which I feed every day so it won’t die. One could say that I take a great interest in animal saving.