by Blažka Čas

First of all, we are incredibly happy that you decided to give our site a small peek.  From the very beginning our intention was to catch your attention/eyes as it is written in our slogan and especially our lovely logo, which was created by Žana Prasnic. This school newspaper took a lot of time and effort, but it was all worth it as we can finally give our school, Gimnazija Slovenj Gradec, a new voice and echo. Now we can speak about anything we desire and are passionate about. Our articles will focus on almost any topic you can think of, so I am sure this page will offer a little something for everyone. You are also welcome to join us. I would like to give special thanks to Kaja Ramšak and Miha Krištofelc for creating the site for our Eye-catcher. I would also like to thank our school, especially teacher and mentor Alenka Kac Herkovič for all the support while streaming towards our goal of creating something fresh and fun. We hope you will enjoy reading our articles as much as we love writing for you.