The Evolution Process of Our Eye-Catcher


By Blažka Čas



It has been a long path so far in creating interesting articles for yours truly. Every day we try to progress and find new ideas to write about, especially finding the ideas that would not only be interesting to us, but also to you, our beloved readers. The path to finding these right articles wasn’t easy though, it took a lot of effort and a lot of push from our mentor Alenka and a lot of persistence from us.

Let me take you back right at the start of it all, so you could see just how exactly our newspaper was created and how it really blossomed through the time being.

For me it all started when I saw a catchy poster announcing that there is going to be an English newspaper at our school. I immediately knew this is something I have to sign up for, not just because I like creating and writing pieces with powerful meanings, but also because I knew it meant a meaningful new change for our school. With the newspaper our school was finally given a voice, and the importance lies in the fact that it represents the voice of us students. I immediately knew that this will mean more students will be allowed to express themselves and who might help other students to find their voice.


All of these things were proven to me, as I watched our paper grow. From the first meeting when we couldn’t even choose a name, let alone the vision of the newspaper, up to now when the newspaper was even given an instagram account. But yes, the start wasn’t pleasant at all. If you thought the name, which we have changed twice, was a struggle, you don’t even know the half of it. You see, our paper was supposed to hit its premiere already in December of 2017, but the truth is we just didn’t know how to create the website for it. We literally had a bunch of people putting their heads together in hope of trying to discover ways to work with the website we were given for creation of our paper. We had a lot of troubles in forming it. I must admit that was a period of time, when we were all pretty stressed and afraid that our mission of giving you a certain way of entertainment is going to fail. Fortunately, the odds were in our favour, and we were able to get through all the website tricks and put on a site just for you. Kaja and Miha have out done themselves.

We were all so excited, because we knew our struggles and hard work had paid off and honestly it is still paying off, when we see readers on our website growing.

As I mentioned we did have to change the name twice, we had two meetings just for the purpose of the name, but we really couldn’t find any name worth remembering or something that would catch your attention, until we came to terms that we needed it to be eye-catching. The wordplay was really in our favour. The eye-catcher was born.

We each had our own personal photoshoot, because we all needed a photo that would represent us in a description bar. I mean, how cool is that? The photos, taken by Tinkara Ošlovnik, are amazing.

We could also show our artistic side when it came to creating our logo and promotion posters, which showed our creativity doesn’t have limits only in writing. The logo was created by Žana Prasnic.

 Looking back, the whole creation was a bumpy ride, but an amazing one. I have also met some people I would never have expected to become friends with, but I am now glad I can consider them as such. We really get along well and I believe this is also the secret behind our success. The newspaper couldn’t have been created without the support we have given to each other in the process and without the sparkling ideas we have shared. We truly have become quite a team!

 I believe that we have many many more struggles ahead of us, because everything is infinite, right? But as we develop, I feel we are finding the right words to say, the proper subjects to write about and in the end, it all comes down to being worth it. We want to give you the best, and will strive until we do that. But you should stay tuned, there are many more articles on the horizon and they may just suck you in enough to join us.