On 14th October there was a concert in Slovenj Gradec town square. There were two acts, a famous Slovenian band and a well known singer, who managed to make the night memorable.

Around 9.30 pm the popular slovenian band, called Tabu, made an appearance on stage. The band is mostly known by slightly older generation, so there weren’t many teenagers in the front rows, but whenever the well known songs came up, you could hear all the generations sing. The members are: singer Eva Beus, bass guitarist Iztok Melanšek, guitarist Tomaž Trop, drummer Primož Štorman and a keyboard player Tomaž Kozovinc. They have been ctive since 1998 and mostly play rock and pop music. They were performing for two hours and played songs like Nabiralka zvezd, Nekoč nekje, Angel and Dobra vila.  

Tabu was amazing and we didn’t think the night could get any better when the second performer managed to make it the best night ever. His name is Jan Plestenjak. He is a 49 year old Slovenian singer and songwriter, also one of the most famous Slovenian people today. His performing skills are incredible and his voice is beautiful. We enjoyed the performance from the first row because we are big fans of him. He performed for two hours and sang songs like Soba 102, Iz pekla do raja, Ona sanja o Ljubljani, Stara dobra.                                         

We enjoyed every bit of the night and we look forward to see everyone in concerts again and highly recommend you to listen to their music. 

Jan Plestenjak

By Nuša Lužnik and Lena Namar