10. Water Serpents II by Gustav Klimt:

Sold to a private buyer for 170 million dollars in 2017. The painting is depicting the sensual nature of a female

9. Two portraits by Rembrandt:

Sold for 180 million dollars to two European museums who take turns displaying it. The portraits have been kept together since its creation.

8. No. 6 (Violet, Green and Red) by Mark Rothko:

Sold in 2014 for 186 million dollars, a new record for the painter.

7. Shot Sage Blue Marilyn by Andy Warhol:

Sold for over 195 million dollars to an American art dealer. The painting is a part of a five painting series

6. The Standard Bearer by Rembrandt:

Sold for 198 million dollars to the Netherlands from Rothschild family

5. Number 17A by Jackson Pollock

Bought by a billionare Kenneth Griffin for 200 million dollars in 2015. One of artist’s early drip technique.

4. When Will You Marry? By Gaughin:

Sold for 210 million dollars to a buyer from Qatar. One of the painter’s first paintings after his trip to Tahiti.

3. The Card Players by Paul Cézanne:

Sold for 250 million dollars to the royal family of Qatar in 2011. It’s a series of five works depicting labor workers playing cards.

2. Interchange by William de Koonig:

Sold for 300 million dollars to again Kenneth Griffin. It represents the shift from painting mostly women to abstract landscapes.

1. Salvadore Mundi by Leonardo da Vinci:

Sold for 450 million dollars in 2017 to an anonymous buyer, but it’s under the ownership of the Saudi Arabian Culture of Ministry.

Written by Lana Epšek, 2.b