“You call him weak, but all you’ve been doing this time is burning down the most gorgeous tree and yapping. Get a move on old man.” Naomi snared, rolling her eyes and checking her nails, displaying her annoyance clearly. “Ah yes, you. Naomi, Nyx, Annabeth – whoever you are, the six star criminal..” The man replied, his intense eyes finally shifting over to Naomi. “Well what can I say, I’m a firecracker.” Naomi smiled, looking over the crowd that formed a circle around them, evaluating them. The big, bulky guy did not reply to her, only narrowing his eyes on her as his answer. Naomi sighed, it had only been a few minutes, but she was already bored and annoyed out of her mind. She had already done a double check on her enemies, deeming them weak and unworthy of her attention. The only one she was slightly worried about (of course she did not show that on her face) was the tall, bulky guy, she now recognized as Marcel, the other guy that was in the interrogation room with her and Kai. Before Naomi realized what was happening, Marcel set out to attack, successfully landing a hid on her stomach, sending her flying into the river behind her. There was a loud splash from her landing and Kai shouted out her name, finally regaining his mind. But the cry out for Naomi also brought him back to the attention of Marcel and all the other Iustitia Pugnatores that were with him. Marcel observed Kai, watching as his body moved towards the river, one eye on Marcel, while the other one stayed firmly on the river. Marcel scoffed. “You actually have feelings for her? For god’s sake, Kai! She’s a criminal!” Kai stayed silent, not knowing how to respond to his comrade, or ex-comrade. He knew he was right. He did have feeling for Naomi, but that is exactly why he was confused. Why did he have feelings for her? Where did they come from? He couldn’t have just fallen for her, especially with the attitude she had. His train of thoughts was broken by a fireball literally emerging from the water, aiming straight for Marcel, who of course was able to dodge in the right time. “Is that the best you can do, little Villain!” He shouted out, running towards the river. Only naturally that wasn’t the best Naomi could do. She waited, and waited. Once Marcel was close enough to her she herself emerged from the water, attacking him head on. She held fist up, ready to punch. Marcel halted and stood in a protective stance that proved useless once Naomi fist made contact with his hands. Her fist was engulfed with roaring fire. Marcel grunted, clutching his right hand as he continued staring at Naomi. He was satisfied to see that his attack wasn’t as useless as his right arm was now. Naomi’s torso was exposed and instead of the pale skin that would usually be seen, all you could see from Naomi was red blood, rushing from her torso down her legs. Naomi fell down on one knee, silently cursing at her inattentive nature. The rest of the Iustitia Pugnatores seized the chance of her vulnerability and rushed in to attack her, but before they could even reach her she disappeared. They looked around in confusion, their gaze finally landing on Kai, who was now holding the bleeding woman in his hands. They let out a roar of anger, charging towards them, ready to fight. Kai looked around in vain, looking for any clues on what to do. He was scared, he felt alone. It wasn’t for the first time in life that he felt that way, but his feeling did not matter right now. All he could think about was saving Naomi. It was like time itself slowed down. Kai squeezed his eyes shut, willing himself to think of something – anything. He wanted to save her, no, he had to save her. A tear escaped from his eyes, and another, and another – he was done – they were done. There was no hope, no escape. This was one of their last moments in their lives. He clutched Naomi even closer, trying to block out the imposing noise of feet, coming closer and closer towards them. Naomi was looking up at Kai with wide, unbelieving eyes. He saved her. He had just saved her from death. Why, she did not know, and she didn’t care either. If anything she liked it. She liked the feeling she got. It was a good, warm feeling that spread from her heart through her stomach, feet, arms. Naomi could only recall this feeling from back when her little sister was still alive, back when people didn’t look at her with such eyes, when she wasn’t a criminal, a girl at fault for her family’s death. After so many years, Naomi finally felt something she thought she would never ever feel again. She felt loved. Naomi’s hard sapphire eyes softened, a tear escaping from them as she clutched Kai’s shirt. Kai could feel his shirt being clutched, the noise of the feet coming closer and closer, until it was gone. The clutch that held his shirt disappeared, and the loud noise of the feet disappeared as well. At first Kai thought that he was gone, that he was dead. But the noises that entered his ears a second later told him otherwise. They were screaming. The feet that wanted to kill him, they were screaming. Kai forcefully opened his eyes, lightly screaming himself and scooting backwards as he saw a bloodied corpse of an Iustitia Pugnatores soldier. He lay right in front of him, knife in his outstretched right hand, his eyes opened with terror. Kai gulped loudly, still hearing the screams in the background, bodies falling down. He knew what was happening, yet he refused to look up. He finally got a better image of Naomi, he didn’t want this one experience to ruin anything. Despite the protests in mind, Kai’s body moved on its own, forcing his gaze upwards. As Kai’s eyes made contact with the small body of the sapphire eyed girl he gasped, yet even he himself didn’t know whether it was out of horror or wonder. Naomi stood there, a single knife in her hand, slicing through the throats of her enemies. Blood was everywhere. On the floor, on the bodies. Her once pure white hair was smudged with red blood and Kai couldn’t help but to think how much time it was going to take her to get all the blood out. But hair seemed to be the least of her problems at the moment. Naomi continued to move through her enemies, unbothered. She moved so graciously, she looked like she was dancing. But what made Kai gasp wasn’t the amount of dead bodies, or blood. It was her – Naomi herself. She, to the utmost surprise of Kai, was crying. Her eyes were blood red, the sapphire part of them even more evident than usually, she glazed through her enemies, her face stone cold, unbothered, but her eyes told a different story, for the first, and probably the last time, they were filled with so much pain and happiness. It was truly a sight to see. Kai didn’t know what exactly was happening until it was over. Naomi suddenly stopped and Kai blinked a few times, shaking his head as he quickly looked around. None were left standing, all lying, drowning in their own blood. Even Marcel, whom Kai admired for his strength was dead, his body parts sliced up. His head had been cut off along with one of his hands. Kai gagged at the sighed and then quickly looked away, his eyes focusing back on Naomi, who was now slowly falling towards the ground. Kai quickly used his Spatio – Chromo kinesis to teleport himself beside her, successfully catching her. Naomi blinked up at him, smiling a little as she recognized him, her vision blurred and black spots slowly appeared in her line of vision as blackness slowly engulfed her. When Naomi woke up the next time it was already morning. She blinked a few times, inhaling the fresh smell of air that lingered around her. She tried sitting up, only to find it useless as her body fully protested in pain. She lightly hissed, laying her head back down on the hard, cold ground as she gazed upwards. She narrowed her eyes a little, realizing that she was in fact in a cave. She could hear water rushing, making it known that she wasn’t that far away from the confrontation battle with the Iustitia Pugnatores. She sighed, closing her eyes and remembering the details of the one sided massacre, cursing herself for showing any type of weakness. It wasn’t long before Naomi could hear rustling from outside the cave, letting her know that Kai must be coming back. She reopened her eyes and this time forced herself into sitting position, despite the pain. A few moments later Kai entered, taking notice to the sitting Naomi immediately, he ran to her side. “You shouldn’t be forcing yourself up like this yet,” He told her, helping her lie back down on the ground, despite her protests. As soon as she was lying down Kai took off, starting the fire quietly. Naomi continued to watch him for a few minutes before she decided it would be better to just get on with it. “You saved me,” she said, her voice coming out a lot more quietly than she anticipated. Kai halted for a moment, looking at Naomi awkwardly before continuing with his work. “I couldn’t just leave you there,” he stated, as it were the most obvious thing in the world. “Yes, you could. I was bleeding, a lot. Had you left me, I would have been dead now. You would be free.” Naomi continued, her voice a lot stronger now. Kai stopped. He gazed at the wood in front of him wordlessly, hands gripping at the stone he held in his hand. “Maybe I’m already free,” he murmured, Naomi almost didn’t hear him. “What?” She asked in complete bewilderment, her eyes widening, looking at Kai in complete disbelief. “Maybe I’m already free,” Kai said again, his voice louder than before. “Maybe over the course of the past week I’ve grown to realize that just maybe you aren’t as bad as you portray yourself. That at the end of the day you’re just a little girl, forced to grow in a harsh reality of the world. That maybe all that crime you do is more than just pure boredom, it’s a call for attention, for help, you only know one way, but at the end you would much rather for people to look you with love than happiness,” He finished, his breaths coming out short as he blabbered everything out as fast as possible. Naomi lay there completely stunned for a few minutes, not knowing what to say to the boy that was now looking at her so pleadingly. Her gaze hardened. “Well, maybe, you’re wrong. I don’t need-” She started, yet her words were quickly cut off by a pair of lips against her own. Kai was kissing her. Naomi’s eyes widened once again as she looked as his face, his own eyes shut tightly. She numbly raised her arms, putting it on his chest, ready to push him off, yet her arms wouldn’t listen to her as they only lightly pushed against him before completely dropping back down on the ground. Naomi continued to stare at Kai’s face, unmoving even as Kai slowly opened his eyes, moving away. Naomi lightly touched her lips, trying to decipher what just happened, unable to find the answer. “S-Sorry,” Kai quietly stuttered out. “It’s just – I meant what I said, I’m already free. The Iustitia Pugnatores are extremely restricting, everything about them – it’s worse than torture. They’re not as good as they make themselves. Ever since you’ve kidnapped me, I felt freer than any other time before. I just wanted you to know that.” “A-And you had to do that with a kiss,” said Naomi, her cheeks reddening. Kai looked at her, smirking slightly as he noticed her reddened cheeks. “You’re not protesting, are you? Besides you looked like you quite enjoyed it.” He mocked, as Naomi glared at him lightly, still blushing. “Don’t worry, for your own good, I’m not protesting.” She said, smiling slightly and looking Kai directly in the eyes. Kai’s own smirk was wiped out by Naomi’s smile. It was one of the most beautiful things he ever saw. “What?” He asked her as he realized she wasn’t going to stop staring. “I like you.” Naomi simply replied, giving him another smile. Kai’s heart skipped a beat. She liked him. The most cold- hearted person on the planet (besides Alexander Zhukov perhaps) liked him. “Good news then, I like you as well,” Kai answered, a slight smile making onto his face. And so Naomi and Kai continued on talking through the day. Due to Naomi being used to injuries she managed to heal quicker and so she was up and standing only a few hours later. And for Kai that’s when her entire personality took a U- turn. She was nice, smiling, joking around with him and occasionally hitting him on the shoulder. She would give him kisses, would tease him and even thought him many things. Kai was truly surprised that such a beautiful person hid behind that hard, ugly exterior of hers. For Naomi, that day way one of the best days she ever had. She was happy again. And even though she didn’t want to admit it, she was happier than when she was little, playing with her younger sister. And the thought alone – that she was happy – made her even happier. It was an enchanted circle of happiness that she couldn’t have escaped. A circle she didn’t want to escape. The evening came before either of them wanted to and they both forced themselves to sleep, realizing that the next day everything will be different again. They will go to the Sanguis mountains, to face Alexander Zhukov. Just thinking of that was horrifying enough, but by doing it, was like ensuring a sure death. The sun rose and Naomi and Kai had to start their day. Kai tried to keep up the mood of previous day, but it seemed impossible as Naomi was now more focused than ever. She was ready and determinate. She was going to take revenge for Olivia once and for all. She will kill Alexander. Naomi kept telling herself that, emptying her mind of anything else. She couldn’t allow herself to be distracted. Not now. The walk up the Sanguis mountains was quiet and filled with awkward atmosphere that only Kai seemed to be able to detect as Naomi was too focused on her own goal. Just as Kai gained courage to break the silence, Naomi beat him to it. “We’re here,” she stated, her cold voice and face in place. Kai’s head snapped forward at once, looking at the big stone that was stood in front of them. On the stone there was in big, red colour the initials AZ. Of course, Kai knew what the initials meant. Everybody knew about those initials and what they meant. You see them, you run the opposite way. Unfortunately for Kai, he couldn’t listen to that advice at the moment as Naomi marched forward, past the warning. Her strides were getting quicker and longer, walking faster than any time before. She continued on marching, despite the trees that now blocked her path. She reached down in her boot, pulling out a single knife, starting to cut through the trees and barks furiously. Kai, surprised at first, was quick to realize she was using her pyrokinesis, as the trees were left behind on fire. Naomi suddenly stopped and Kai nearly ran into her, yet he thankfully managed to stop himself before doing so. He was about to question Naomi what was going on, but that was not needed once a giant rock was starting to fall upon them at a dangerously high speed. Naomi looked up, narrowing her eyes and looking back at Kai. Kai getting the idea she was proposing lifted his right arm upwards towards the rock and the next thing they saw the rock was gone. A loud shrill laugh came through the dust created by the rock, forcing both Kai’s and Naomi’s attention back forwards. They waited patiently for the dust to clear away, standing at attention, ready to fight. Only a few moments later a figure merged from the dust, followed by many others, but Naomi’s attention stayed on the first figure, as it was the figure that was laughing that awful shrill laugh. The dust cleared and out of it emerged a woman, quite young looking. She had short black straight hair and the most beautiful amber eyes. But even if her eye colour was beautiful, the eyes themselves weren’t. Behind them, clear as a day, was a malicious soul without a heart. “Keira,” muttered Naomi “So it is true. Alexander Zhukov is ‘camping’,” she spit out mockingly, taking a few careful steps forward, while Kai took a few backwards. “Vivian!” The woman, known as Keira shouted out “It is so good to see you again, my dear,” she continued, her arms opening “A hug?” Naomi growled, her eyes flashing, “It’s Naomi.” “Ah, it’s Naomi now. I must say I like Nyx quite a lot. But in the end, I just love Vivian.” She smirked, looking at the mindless followers behind her, “Aren’t I right?” Of course, she received nods in return, nobody dared to disrespect the second in command of Alexander Zhukov. Naomi wasted no time, she lunched forward, her knife at position, ready to strike. Keira took a step backwards, the followers lunging in front of her, ready to protect her. Naomi was ready for their intervention so she dodged the weak followers skillfully, aiming straight for Keira’s neck. Keira’s eyes widened for a second before she sprang into action, dodging Naomi’s attack and grabbing her wrist, twisting it slowly. Naomi’s knife fell out of her grasp, creating a loud clink as it hit the ground. Naomi quickly twisted her own wrist around, pulling it out of her grasp she in exchange grabbed Keira’s wrist, controlling her entire body by pulling it across her back and onto the floor. Keira groaned out loud, rolling herself away from Naomi, but it was in vain as Naomi used the same Geokinesis that Keira did earlier, trapping Keira’s body on the floor, by bounding her arms and legs to it. Naomi slowly got closer to Keira, grabbing her dropped knife and climbing on top of her, her knees on the sides of Keira’s body. She carefully aimed her knife right above Keira’s heart, shaking her head a little to get hair away from her face. “Goodbye,” she whispered, bringing her arms towards Keira’s heart, who in return only smirked. Just as Naomi’s knife was seconds away from piercing through Keira’s body, a hand suddenly grasped at Naomi’s fist, successfully stopping Naomi’s moments. Naomi ground her teeth together, narrowing her eyes as Keira started to laugh madly bellow her. Naomi looked sideways, her eyes widening immediately. She gripped the knife in her hand even harder, slowly trying to pry her hand out of her attacker’s tight grip, but no matter what, the attacker wouldn’t budge, and Naomi grew more and more frustrated. “Kai, let go,” she ordered, her voice low and dangerous. Kai didn’t say anything. He stared at Naomi for a few more minutes, as if willing her to recognize something, but after she continued on staring at him angrily he sighed, releasing her wrist. Naomi took into action immediately, ready to strike at Keira’s heart, who continued on laughing madly. No hand was there to stop her, but instead a leg came at her side, effectively hitting her off Keira’s body and sending her flying through the crown into the wall. Naomi groaned loudly, biting on her lip to suppress a scream as her already damaged body hit into the stone hard wall. She could feel her wounds reopening, her shirt being soaked with blood. She slowly pushed herself on her knees, breathing heavily, she felt her throat restricting right before a splash of blood left her moth, falling onto the ground, spraying on her face and hands. Naomi started coughing, trying to get rid of all the remaining liquid from her throat, hating the metallic taste it left in her mouth. It took her a few minutes to regain her breath, but nobody seemed to be stopping her so she took her time. As soon as her breathing became the closest it could back to normal, she used her hands to push herself off the ground into kneeling position, putting one foot on the ground fist and pushing herself up by that. She rested her hands on her knees for a few more seconds before she straightened up, looking at the attacker with a complete rage and a tint of betrayal. “K-Kai, what?” She tried asking, but failed as no words managed to leave her mouth. Kai merely chuckled, putting his leg down and turning his body towards her. “Yes?” He asked mockingly, not even looking in her eyes, instead looking at her body, checking out all the damage he had done. Naomi stared at him wide eyed, not believing what she was hearing. Kai had betrayed her, when not only 24 hours ago he had admitted into liking her. She was sad, confused, but most of all she was angry. Naomi narrowed her eyes, setting off towards him in an instant. She covered her arms in fire, hands raised she tried on hitting him straight in the face. Kai foreseeing it, moved sideways, dodging. But Naomi was also a step forward this time, dodging him and set off behind him, kicking him in the back. Kai flew through the clearing, hitting the hard ground face first. Unlike Naomi he didn’t have any previous wounds so the same instant he hit the ground, he was also already getting up, unbothered. Naomi’s eyes narrowed again, looking for any wounds her kick was supposed to inflict, but unable to find any. She took a step back, ready for defence. She was lost and confused, but even to her it was clear that this wasn’t the Kai she knew, he wasn’t just messing around, he was ready to deal with whatever he had to deal with. “What the hell!” Naomi shouted, anger apparent in her voice, “What are you doing?! I thought you of all people would have known the consequences of pissing me of!” “Ah yes, that consequences. To be honest with you, I don’t even think that is pain,” He shrugged off nonchalantly. Naomi growled in anger, trying to find any possible explanation for his behaviour, only to find none. His eyes were too clear for manipulation. His body was moving normally, without spasms. She tried a different approach – a mind manipulation was still always possible. “I thought you liked me,” she murmured quietly. That didn’t cause the wanted reaction from Kai as he merely started laughing. A cold laugh, a laugh Naomi would have never expected to come from his mouth. It was empty of emotions, just pure of malicious intent. “You know,” he managed to squeeze out in between the laughs, “You’re really funny,” he finished and the suddenly stopped laughing, his voice taking a darker tone to it. “And naive.” Naomi’s eyes widened and she took a few steps back, her arms shaking. She knew that tone of voice and she knew it all too well. She gulped, her insides screaming at her to leave, to leave and to not find out what ever was going on here. To leave and forget. But Naomi’s curiosity took over her as she planted her feet firmly to the ground, unwilling to run. Unfortunately for Naomi, curiosity has always killed the cat. Kai rolled his eyes, annoyance starting to make onto his face. He took a deep breath, closing his eyes and exhaling. Naomi stared long and hard, shocked, watching as hear slowly started to grow down to his shoulder, his height stayed the same, but his tiny, petite body slowly grew into bigger, bulkier one. His face changed considerably as well as two single scars that she adored appeared, one across the eyebrow and one on his left cheek, his face took a rounder shape. Kai opened his eyes and Naomi was quick to recognize the change in them. From beautiful forest blue to cold ice blue ones. His eyes lost the love and happiness inside of them, instead being replaced with emptiness. Naomi took a few more steps backwards, pure shock overtaking her as she looked at the face she knew all too well. It was the one and only, the man she has been looking to kill – Alexander Zhukov. “W-What? H-How?” Naomi spluttered out, not making sense of anything that was happening around her.   She was confused, but even more she got angrier and angrier. Just seeing Alexander’s face was enough to provoke the hate inside of her. “Oh my sweet little Vivian,” he cooed in mock gentleness, “You did actually think I liked you. To be honest that all sounded really fake to my own ears, but you actually bought it? You’re smarter than I thought,” he chuckled, finding her naivety more amusing than anything. Naomi said nothing, only grind her teeth together. It became clear for her now. Kai was Alexander. Alexander was Kai. Or more likely, there was no Kai at all, only Alexander and a character he set up to get to his goal. He had tricked her. “I see you finally understand,” Alexander continued, seeing the change in her eyes as she glared furiously at him. “To be honest it was quite amusing seeing you liking someone, it was like Christmas has come earlier,” Alexander continued unbothered. “Why?” Naomi grind out, feeling more pathetic than ever. “Why I said I liked you?” Alexander continued obliviously, “Well you see if I hadn’t returned your feeling you would have probably dumped me somewhere behind a tree or something so you see-” “I didn’t mean that!” Naomi cut him off, taking a step forwards. “No matter how dumb you are, there is always a purpose for you doing something. You must have been Kai long before I have met him, you were with the Iustitia Pugnatores for quite some time. Surely you couldn’t have known I would be caught. There must have been another reason. I want to know, why?” “I shall ignore that fact that you just called me dumb, considering that there is 83% chance that you will be dead after tonight,” he said casually, walking towards her, “But you see, the Iustitia dudes, they might be useless and all, but the powers they possess, are most certainly not.” “The powers they possess?” asked Naomi. “Yes, the many kinesis powers they extracted from the people-” “You can extract kinesis powers!” “Yes, now listen if you want to know or keep on talking and die,” Alexander snapped, annoyed and Naomi listened as she pressed her lips tightly together. “They extracted many kinesis over the centuries, some pathetic, but some, quite worthy. But the one that has managed to get into their possession recently, that’s the one that could put a change in the entire world.” He paused and Naomi thought hardly about the kinesis that could hold the power to change the entire world around. She managed to recall quite many of them, but it was clear that the power Alexander was thinking about was greater than any others. “The Umbrakinesis,” he stated after torturously long minutes of silence. Naomi knitted her eyebrows together, thinking hard, but unable to recall the name of such kinesis. “It’s no wonder you don’t know about it, many don’t. But it’s a very special DNA kinesis that would bring complete victory to the yielder. It’s the power to control darkness. Now mind you that might seem like a complete waste of time as the name suggests that such power could only be used at night, or well, in dark,” he said, seeing the unbelieving look that crossed Naomi’s mind at such power. “But it’s more than that. Think of it. Darkness, it’s everywhere. It’s in the shadows, in the forests where sun doesn’t shine, but most importantly – it’s in the people. For example, you are so full of darkness, using you would be miraculous. And it’s all good, because, you know, the bigger in position you are, the more darkness you need to survive, otherwise you don’t even get close to winning anything,” he added. Naomi was quick to realize he was right. The part of her wanting revenge was darker than anything, and it was also that part that dominated over her life. She realized that even the one stars criminals must be dark, or in fact, any kinesis user has darkness inside, just by using the powers that were once deemed evil. Civilians shone brighter than anybody, but even they had the shadows of darkness that followed their hearts. Making deals for the sake of their jobs, doing just about anything for money, being ready to sacrifice anything for their children, who lied, cursed and forgot to do their homework, there was no such thing as a pure being, except maybe, the most younger of them all. “So,” Naomi started, figuring everything out “you actually took your time to infiltrate them, get in higher position to where the access to such powers would be available.” Alexander nodded, confirming her theory. “But then you saw me, and you just couldn’t resist the urge to take me in, or maybe I even saw something I wasn’t supposed to so you wiped my memory of it, taking me in so I would have explanation for my little memory loss. And then, I screwed it up!” Naomi finished in excited tone, happy to ruin Alexander’s plans, even if it was unknowingly. Alexander on the other hand, didn’t seem as happy about it as he scowled at her little excitement, slowly taking a few more steps closer, almost standing in front of her. “That you did. And it pissed me off, big time. And so, I’ve decided that no matter how precious you were to me, you still deserve to die,” he growled out, his hand reaching out towards her. Naomi managed to dodge, but barely, her wounds protesting in pain as she aimed her knife at Alexander’s neck. Alexander, in much better condition than Naomi dodged immediately, laughing at her ill attempts of attacking. “You know, you truly chose the wrong time of attacking me. You’re angry, so you’re letting your emotions take over the fighting. The number one rookie mistake. Secondly, your injuries are bringing you closer and closer to death without any kind of help by me,” he snickered, losing interest in her pathetic attempts. He knew she was strong, stronger than many he knew, but right now she wasn’t much more powerful than an ant, and he was ready to teach her just that. Just as Naomi lunged for another attack, Alexander disappeared, nothing but dust left behind him. Naomi tried twisting around as fast as possible, only for her attempts to fail her as Alexander had already grabbed her by the neck. She felt the rest of what remained of her energy suck out of her, her eyes already closing when she was suddenly released, thrown head first into the wall she crashed in before. She tried picking herself up like before, only to fall back on the ground, unable to feel her body properly anymore. She could hear Alexander’s footsteps coming closer and closer, so she settled with rolling herself around and onto her back, staring at the sky in utmost defeat. It was over, and she knew it. Before she wanted to, a pair of footsteps stopped in front of her body. Alexander’s body loomed over her as she cursed at herself for being in suck a weak state. Alexander crunched down in front of her, an expression of mock pity on his face as he removed the hair from her face, fixing her bloody shirt. “You’ll want to look pretty when they find you,” he said sympathetically, reaching out his hand in front of her face. Naomi flinched backwards, her eyes watering as she looked at his hand that was slightly dirty with the blood from her hair and shirt. It was complete quiet for a few minutes and Naomi thought of Olivia for one last time. ‘Olivia, you won’t be alone for much longer.’ Next thing Naomi knew Alexander’s hand started to glow purple. Naomi’s eyes widened as she knew immediately what had happened. It was Mnemokinesis, the ability of memory. Naomi tried to get her body away, but it was in vain as her body was numb even to her. She didn’t have time to think, time to scream, time to do anything. She took a quick breath as the purple hand came closer towards her. Darkness slowly started to envelop her mind as she clung onto the memory of Olivia for what she knew was for the last time. In the next moment darkness completely enveloped her as a sharp pain hit her head like a dozen of bricks. The next thing Naomi knew was darkness, complete and unending darkness.