By Anastasia Gorgieva

Languages are an important ingredient of every culture, as they serve as a communicational tool among people of the same culture and are a very important factor in bringing a nation together. A mother tongue is something that each member of a certain culture can and should be proud of.  Many small nations have been victims of powerful countries’ agendas, and their languages, literature played an important part in uniting people of the same nation or in the awakening of their nationalism.

Many will say that learning foreign languages is not necessary, because we have many on the spot translators and pretty much anyone can speak English. I beg to differ. I believe that learning languages is very important if you wish to understand cultures and widen your perspective. It shows that you are not a close minded egocentric person, but an unprejudiced one.

Learning new languages can also improve the ability and functionality of our brain and thought process.  Such improvements include:  lowering the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s ,  better decision making skills, better thought organization,  better memory and even building multitasking skills.

In 2017 a list of the most useful languages to learn in 2018 was published. The list includes:
– Spanish
– Chinese
– French
– Arabic
– German
– English.

Learning a new language is very cool whether you find it useful or not, as it can make you  grow as a person and become more open to the world.