On Friday evening, 14 October 2022, students of the Slovenj Gradec High school once again organized the already 21st Slovene literary festival for young authors Urška. The spectacular finale took place in the new amphitheatre of the Slovenj Gradec School Centre, where the new Uršljan was revealed.

On Friday morning, five anticipating Urška finalists arrived in Slovenj Gradec, where various literary matinees took place all over the city.

Before the main event of the day, which was the final, some of us – students of Slovenj Gradec have been preparing a lot. That was since we were running the whole event, under the auspices of Tomo Novosel, the director. It took us many hours to perfect our interpretations of the poems and prose, but it was well worth it as the event was very professionally run.

In addition to individual recitations, some poetry was also interpreted by musical groups. They created such a special atmosphere in the amphitheatre, which didn’t go unnoticed by many. The dance group also left their mark with their skilful movements, adding a touch of variety to the event.

1. photo: An audience enchanted by a contemporary dance performance.

All of us were waiting in eager anticipation and mounting tension for the last act of the evening. It was the famous announcement of the Urška winner. Vid Karlovšek has become a young Uršljan with his creative poetry, which has all the potential to become a collection in the future. Unfortunately, he was absent as he fell sick from the Coronavirus.

2. photo: Reciters waiting for their performance in the ”teenager’s room”.
3. photo: Opening speech by the moderators

Despite the winner’s absence, the crowd roaringly applauded the event and rewarded everyone performing with warm praise.

This year’s hosts have summarized the whole event as follows: « When Tomo presented this year’s idea to us at our first meeting, it seemed very new and ‘fresh’. I think we all quickly realized that this year’s Urška will be like no Urška before… The whole event and the preparations will remain a great memory to us.«

Another Slovene literary festival for young authors Urška in Slovenj Gradec came to an end, and with excellent interpreters, hosts and other performers made a lasting impression on the audience. This event has further enriched and enhanced the cultural activities in Slovenj Gradec.

https://youtu.be/Umrpg4_IU_U – A cover of a poem by Vid Karlovšek performed by the band Nage Babe

Text by Nike Stres Ovnič

Translation by Vanesa Ošlak

Interview by Alex Tomasini

Photos by Nika Hölcl Praper

4. photo: Band Nage babe and co-band Unga Bunga, who created a special harmony.