Almost every person in the world drinks coffee every day and for some people the morning coffee is more important than breakfast or a glass of water. But I think that almost no one knows which type of coffee beans their cappuccino or espresso is made of.

There are three main types of coffee beans. Arabica, Robusta and Liberica.

ARABICA: beans with low caffeine and with a delicious, sweet aromatic taste.

  • Arabica beans are the most popular coffee beans in the world.
  • Around 60% of coffee is made of Arabica beans.
  • It is the first coffee ever to be consumed.
  • The name “Arabica” comes from the beans popular in the 7th century in Arabia.

Where are the beans grown?

The Arabica coffee beans are grown in the tropical climate in the countries such as Ethiopia, Brazil, Colombia and others.

Coffee map
Coffee bean plant

Where can you buy Arabica coffee beans?

Due to the great popularity of Arabica coffee beans, you can find it in almost every store.

ROBUSTA: coffee with a really strong taste and with 2,5% of caffeine.

  • The second most popular coffee beans in the world.
  • The beans are originally from sub-Saharan Africa.
  • They can be harvested easier than Arabica because Robusta plants are kept small.
  • They cannot tolerate cold temperatures.

Where are the beans grown?

The Robusta coffee beans are grown primarily in in Africa, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Robusta coffee


Where can you buy Robusta coffee beans?

Robusta coffee is popular all over the world, so you can find it in almost every store. But you must be careful if you want just one sort of coffee beans. Most of the packed coffees in our shops are a mixture between Arabica and Robusta coffee beans.


  • Arabica coffee beans are longer and bigger than Robusta and they also have a curved stripe.
  • Robusta coffee beans are smaller and more oval than Arabica. Their line is almost straight.
The difference between robusta and arabica

LIBERICA: a taste similar to Robusta, but it has a stronger flavour and a smokey aroma.

  • Rare type of coffee beans.
  • “Either you like it, or you hate it” type.
  • Liberica coffee originally comes from Liberia.
  • Liberica coffee beans are bigger than Arabica and Robusta ones.



Where are the beans grown?

Liberica coffee beans are now mainly produced in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Where can you buy Robusta coffee beans?

Liberica coffee is really rare and not so important for the world store. You can mostly buy it in the countries that produce that kind of coffee.

A little tip for coffee lovers. If you want to make espresso, you should use Robusta coffee. Arabica is a better option for filtered coffee.

To sum up, all types of coffee are amazing in their own way. It is all a matter of taste. Thus, if you like sweeter and less strong coffee you should make yourself Arabica coffee, but if you like stronger and less sweet coffee, Robusta is the best option for you.


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