That fateful sound, the dreadful bang of it, filling my body, leaving me numb to everything around. The sound of it catches me completely off guard and before I even have the time to process what had happened it was already done. I stare with wide eyes, but now the spinning had stopped. I can see everything clearly.
24 hours earlier
The more I think of it the more unbelievable it seems. My head hurts. My head hurts so damn much and my ears are ringing. I’m slowly starting to feel nauseous, my stomach doing flips inside. What do I do now? How do I proceed? Well, the answer to that is obvious, I must save her, there really is no other possibility. But sometimes things are easier said than done.
She was taken, my little Angelika. My apprentice, my student, whatever you like, she is important.
The Boss believes she was taken because she is unique, special. Her story is starting to look so much like mine. The same start, hopefully not the same path. Her powers, like mine, are a weapon, a curse.
15 hours earlier
Where are they? I knew they were hidden, but this is ridiculous. They are completely nowhere to be found and I have many tools and people to use. It seems as if I’m tracking down an unreal person.
13 hours earlier
They have finally found a lead. My Boss decided to help, surprisingly. He sent a small team of two men – body guards, a woman and a cat to help, but this “lead” is completely useless, the guy knows only the basics. I know the basics, everyone knows them, even the kids. They are the roots in our life, our story of misery.
It was something that had happened before the humans even began recording history. At first the human community and we, the so called “supernatural” community lived in peace and harmony. Of course, all of that shattered with the beginning of the Great War.
The Great War started with some very hateful humans founding the so- called Hunters’ Association, a big organisation completely devoted to annihilate all of the supernatural community. Thankfully, many of us saved ourselves back then, being able to preserve the race, although not completely.
The Hunters’ Association never died out, and many more of our kind are being exterminated every minute. The specialists suspect that in just a few years we will have all died out, and that is not so hard to believe when you’re the only succubus to still walk the Earth. But I guess all the earthlings would be better without me. I’m the female incarnation of a sexual demon. I survive by feeding on sexual energy of other, the energy I can also use to force people to find me attractive.
My precious Angelika is in almost the same condition. She’s what one would call a medusa. Quite literally to its mythology she has the ability to kill anyone she wishes to just by the look in her eyes. Her power is very rare and very hard to control, but somehow, she does is diligently, able to refrain from killing anyone she cares about.
The Boss believes she was taken because of this. She was a powerful force to be reckoned with. A powerful weapon. Now I know why Boss wanted her so much.
11 hours earlier
I may despise the Hunters, but by this point even I’ll admit they’re good. They know exactly how to execute a perfect plan. Our sources are telling us they have already made it to Russia and are on their way to the headquarters. So here we are now, impatiently waiting at an airport in New Zealand, arguing with the security as they won’t allow the cat to go with us. I guess Tom is leaving us on our mission here.
10 hours earlier
I’m getting more and more anxious. I have been forced to eat a sandwich, but my insides still feel like dying. My ears are ringing again and my head is hurting, pills are of no help. My eyes feel heavy and the room is spinning, I’m spinning. Everything is out of control.
A minute later I’m in the toilet, the door closing violently behind me, I bend over the seat and start puking. There’s so much of it.
A minute later my throat hurts. I wash my face and my hands and I stare at myself in the mirror, my own icy blue eyes piercing back at me with desperation. I must save her. She’s my everything.
2 hours earlier
We finally landed. A Russian ally of ours helped us greatly, tracking down their headquarters in the few hours we were on the plane. Werewolves too are quite useful.
Then we begin rushing again. My team keeps on telling me it will be okay. That she will be safe soon and that they have no need to kill her. But I know her, my little Angel. She won’t help them in destroying our race and the only way humans will be able to steal her power is by killing her, by sacrificing one of them to take on the burden of medusa powers. She mustn’t die.
30 minutes earlier
My head was split open. Not literally, but quite realistically. In this big maze of a building I managed to panic and hurt myself. Tom, the cat (he managed to come) keeps on reprimanding me, telling me I could have died, but I don’t think that would be possible. The adrenaline pumping through me doesn’t allow me to feel anything, not even the huge wound on the front of my forehead.
15 minutes earlier
I’m still running. I feel like a headless chicken, not knowing where I’m headed. The place is like a maze and I can swear on anything I have passed that blue wall at least seven times. I’m running in circles, everything is spinning again.
7 minutes earlier
I can hear voices, deep masculine ones, I do not know what they’re saying, it’s in Russian, but it sounds like arguing. I hear the scream, then another one, a much higher one, more feminine.
My eyes widen as I push my exhausted form further, I feel like I might collapse any second now. The spinning is getting faster, the blood is in my eyes, my breathing is quickening.
I run towards the scream, hearing the footsteps of retreating pairs getting farther away. A few moments later I’m faced with two bulky guys, one of them with a broken lip. I smirk to myself, quickly dodging one of theirs attack, tripping him over and punching the other in the face again.
I quickly continue running before they can get back up. I do not have the time. She needs me.
5 minutes earlier
I came into a big white room only seconds ago when the door on the other side opens. It takes me a while to recognize the form, the room rotating.
I hear incoming footsteps and just a moment later I’m tightly brought into a hug by the small seven- year -old. Her long white hair is very messed up and in different sizes. She hugs me tightly and I fall down, relief flooding over my entire body and I start to cry as well.
2 minutes earlier
We are still crying, but now I’m trying to get myself up. My body is tired, exhausted. I wish I could fall asleep; the room is still violently spinning.
I give up, my team is closely behind me, they will help us. They will get me up and get her out. My little Angel is shaking in my arms, she’s saying she loves me very much, I love her as well, but the blood makes it hard to speak.
30 seconds earlier
I hear footsteps, many footsteps, they must be getting closer to us. I whisper sweet nothings into Angels hair, we will be okay soon.
I slowly pull away, wiping tears away from her face as she does with mine. We laugh and I smile even further, that sweet, sweet laugh.
I see her eyes widening before I hear it. That fateful sound, the dreadful bang of it, filling my body, leaving me numb to everything around. The sound of it catches me completely off guard and before I even have the time to process what has happened it is already done. I stare with wide eyes, but now the spinning has stopped. I can see everything clearly.
There’s blood, so much blood. Her hands are covered in blood, her white hair getting caught in the mess. I just stare, I know I cannot do anything. Her stomach is covered in too much blood to even see where it’s coming from.
A second later I move, everything is spinning again as I fall on top of her, pressing down on random places. She’s saying something, I think she’s saying she loves me, I say it back. A moment later I hear another shot, the spinning stops again and then fades to black. I hate this, it’s my fault. I shouldn’t have given up.