THE YEAR OF ANIMAL RIGHTS                        

By Anastasia Gorgieva

In 2017 many great things  happened that have bettered animal rights across the world. This brings joy to many animal activists and it sets an example for other countries that may have not done such precautions.

One of the biggest lavish items is fur, which for some represents luxury and richness. No matter what you think fur is an unethical and completely unnecessary item and other materials can be used to mimic real fur. While it’s still used by many clothes manufacturers, big brands like Michael Kors, Jimmy Choo and Gucci have banned fur and have become ”vegan” brands. India has even banned certain fur and skin imports.

It is wildly known that animals that are used in circuses live in poor conditions and are tortured for the amusement of people. Now Scotland, Ireland, Italy, Romania and Guatemala have banned wild animal circuses.

Tesla cars are known for being highly environmentally friendly and have now banned the use of animal skin for the interior of the cars. As of 2017 all cars manufactured by Tesla are completely ”vegan”.

Swimming with dolphins is one of the biggest tourist attractions, which has provoked the project of breeding captive dolphins. All of this causes stress to dolphins which are very intelligent animals. France has now banned the breeding of captive animals.

One of the biggest tear-jerking moments of 2017 is definitely the release of Gajraj The Elephant who was captured and tortured for 50 years. He is now under the care of the Elephant Conservation and Care Centre where his wounds are treated and he can roam about freely.  You can watch his journey here :