On Friday 15th March Slovenj Gradec  High school students organised the so called ‘podnebni štrajk’. It was a small protest against climate change, air and sea pollution, etc. The protest took place in front of our school, where almost 200 high school students gathered demanding changes to save the mother Earth. All over Slovenia the protest were organised on the same day, all protests were organized by students. We wanted to show the world that we care for our future and that something must be changed because if we continue to live as we do now, our planet will probably be destroyed to a point that next generations will soon come to extinction. The whole idea of protest started in Switzerland where a girl named Greta stood in front of the parliament, demanding changes. The story inspired other teens all around the globe, all wanting to be as brave as Greta and to show that we do care. At our school the protest was organised by our senior students and led by our student Žiga Kreft. As we gathered outside the school at noon, we were divided into 4 different groups. Each group had a special task. Some groups were cleaning our school’s vicinity, some were writing down the ideas of how to live economically. Another group was given a task to write slogans on our streets with chalks. We wrote down important messages about our planet to remind the passers-by that we are all a part of the problem. In short time the street was full of different quotes, such as: … save the bees, plant more trees …  there is no planet b … be a part of the revolution and not air pollution … make love, not co2 … don’t pick up girls, rather pick up trash, … We hope our protest reached people and made them realise that our lifestyle needs to be stopped now. We need to stand together as one and make our planet a better place again. Sure, some think that teens don’t really care about future, economical living or about politics. Maybe they might be right to some extent. But when it comes to saving our planet we will not stand back and watch our home being destroyed day by day in front of our eyes. It is on us to make the changes and realizing that we have a problem that needs to be solved is the first step to success.