Interpretation by Alja Pušnik and Lea Glažar

Once upon a time there lived a princess, named Elisabeth, and her prince. They lived in Slovenj Gradec. They were deeply in love, but their love was a secret because  Elisabeth was engaged. Her parents chose her fiancé when she was born. He was older than she, egocentric and not really kind but she was obliged to marry him, because that would bring money to the kingdom.

Elisabeth and her prince met at her engagement party. When they first saw each other, they knew that it was love. They ran away from the party and went to the lake. The prince found a boat and rowed it to the middle of the lake. They hid from everyone and enjoyed each moment with each other. Surrounded by moonlight they promised each other to come to the lake every day.

A day before Elisabeth’s wedding the lovers were supposed to meet for the last time. Elisabeth had some great news for the prince, she wanted to tell him that she was pregnant. But the prince never showed up. His parents had chosen a girl for him to marry and that is why he was running late.

When Elisabeth was waiting in the middle of the lake, it started to rain heavily. The rain turned into a storm. Wind started to blow and rock the boat. Poor Elisabeth fell off and drowned. Her desperate father was looking for her everywhere, but he could not find her, so he decided to dry out the whole lake. In the place where Elisabeth’s body was found, the king decided to build a church in her name.



Dear Elisabeth

  The sky was colored deep blue

 when I first saw you. 

You made my heart beat faster

which was at that moment a big disaster.


I started to blush and then I knew

 That with all my heart I only wanted you.


I was looking at you

And you were looking at me

While we were staring at each other

I knew that for me would be no other.


You weren´t free

But I didn´t care

I felt our love all over the air.


I knew you didn’t love him

I saw that in your eyes

Everything in your relationship was just big lies.


Our first date was in the middle of the lake

When I first kissed you

You made my whole body shake.

Next time we were sitting in the boat.

Your eyes were shining so bright

Like the stars in the night.

I wanted you so bad

And we spent together the night I will never forget.


The day before your wedding

We were supposed to meet for the last time

You didn´t show up

And at that moment I knew

Something was wrong

I also didn´t get a chance

To read you that song.


A week later we found you dead

Which makes me so sad.

I can´t handle the pain anymore

I just want to be with you my dear,

Why did you have to disappear?

Prince knew he couldn´t live without Elisabeth. He went to the Church of Saint Elisabeth, the same church that was built to honour her name by her grieving father. The prince went to the choir and hung himself. He died at the same place as she had drowned.

Now they will stay together for eternity.

Sveta Elizabeta