by Janja Planinšec

Our Universe is basically just energy. Every atom vibrates and has some sort of energy. That is why the Universe works by certain laws. And the law of attraction is one of them or at least the one that we can kind of control.

What is The Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction is a philosophy about how we attract what we give out into the Universe. It has been around for centuries. We could say that Buddha was one of the first people who introduced the idea to the world.

The law works by three main principles:


Similarity attracts

Many times, we hear that the opposites attract. But it is much more common to attract people that are like us and our lifestyle.

Just as we attract people, we more commonly manifest our reality with our thoughts. We mainly attract things unconsciously with our thoughts which are of course uncontrolled.

If we think negatively, we are more likely to receive bad energy. Meanwhile if we focus on all the good in our life, we will receive what we want.

Nature abhors a vacuum

In our lives there are people, things or even thoughts that impact our energy negatively or positively. The important step in seeking what we want is making place for the change to happen. We always have some thoughts and fears while wanting to change because we do not want to fail. But we have to get rid of the negative to achieve the positive. In a physical world we can do that by clearing out the things with bad memories, bad history.

The present is always perfect

Every situation in our life has potential to be great. There are always many different perspectives to look from. And the consequence of our thinking is our reaction and reality. Even if in the moment you find yourself in a bad situation, you cannot change the past that lead you to that moment. But you can find the good in bad, even though it can be hard.

Ways to use the law everyday

As we now know, we can create our own positive reality just by changing our way of thinking on the daily. The main key to success is consistency and changing our flow of thoughts.

Small things you can start doing:

  • Seek the good in everything
  • Find 3 things you are grateful for daily
  • Visualize the things you want
  • Learn how to get rid of what you have outgrown and does not have as much meaning as it used to
  • Prise things and people for bringing you happiness
  • Be more open to new people and ideas

Ways to practice The law of attraction

Much research has been done on the topic and even though the scientist cannot really explain how it works, they have proof that it does affect people. Many have become more spiritual with their mind, achieved their goals, became happier and physically healthier.

Some exercises:

  • Journaling
  • Visualization- mood board of your wanted life
  • Acceptance of your life and yourself
  • Meditation
  • Realization of your thoughts