The devil’s pool, sounds like something imaginary or just a fancy name for something on sale and yet, the devils pool is a real pool and its name does not disappoint .

To find this pool we have to travel to Africa, to Zimbabwe, where the Zambezi river carved the stunning waterfalls of Victoria falls. A truly wonderful sight to see, the falls are said to be looked upon by angels themselves. But where there is an angel above, there is the devil below.

Fallowing a path on top of the canyon you come to the edge of the falls. There, for a reasonable price, a guide will take you through the running water (you can actually walk through, you just need to be careful). Once you come to a small island, meters away of the edge, the guide will tell you to jump in the water, and that is where the fun begins! It looks like you are jumping into a strong tide of water, but it is actually a natural pool with enough calm water to swim in.  Because of this special location and its looks it got this thrilling name. Once you are in the water you take a leap to the edge of the waterfall, or its better name – the devil’s armchair. From the devil’s armchair you see a direct view down the falls. It feels like you are minutes from falling and makes you feel like the king of the world.

Such a beautiful spot that is unlike anything in the world is a rare thing to try out and if you have a wish to do it, it may be better to do it sooner than later. Namely, some poor countries around Victoria falls that share the Zambezi river have come to an idea of making money and power out of dams on the river, which may cause water shortage in the lower parts.

We need to protect our rivers, if not, gems like the devil’s pool will be forever lost.

All in all, the devil’s pool is a sight to see at least once in a lifetime. I hope I get to swim in it one day. I hope that this article has also inspired you to go on a thrilling adventure to Africa.

The question remains: do you dare to jump in the devil’s pool?