While my guitar gently weeps

by Nejka Serušnik

While My Guitar Gently Weeps
I Wonder…
I dream…Like Dreamers Do.
I Imagine.

Maybe one day I will be Free as a Bird
And will Follow the Sun
After the Long and Winding Road…

Because I know There is a Place,
Where I can walk in the Strawberry
Fields Forever,
Or maybe just Eight Days a Week…

Tomorrow Never Knows,
Maybe You won’t See Me again
Because I am a Day Tripper.
The End.



by Kaja Ramšak

Every Little Thing
Meaningful in my life
Is flying with me on a wing
If I Fell  at least there won’t be a strife.
The wing does Carry that weight
I need to let go of something,
But I keep on looking straight,
Thinking about rain and things I hate.

Like Dreamers Do
I look up to the sky
Yes, I see colour blue
But You Won’t See Me again, ‘cuz the sky is too high.



by Kaja Ramšak

I don’t have ideas to start a new song
My head is full of other thoughts
So It won’t be long.

But gotta write down
What I think, what I feel, Because
It will be better when paper my worries will steal.

It’s All Too Much, this I don’t doubt
The test, This Boy, The two of Us,
But I am sure We can Work It Out.

Can I tell You a Secret?
A day in the life of mine,
Can be as hard as Eight Days a Week,
So shortly I’ll really need a glass of wine.



by Ines Marhart

Julia, Tell Me Why and don’t Ask Me Why
When I get Home  It Won’t Be Long until you leave
If You’ve  Got Trouble, I’ll Help.
I know I ‘m a Loser, but I’ve got a Feeling that In Spite Of all the Danger
We can Work It Out.
I Love You.


Lovely Rita

by  Zala Paradiž

It was a Hard day’s night, and I was lying in my bed. I Saw Her Standing There and she was combing her hair. I’ve Got a Feeling she is the one.
“Do You Want to Know a Secret?” she asked. Ain’t  She Sweet, I thought to myself. There was No Reply, so she continued.
“All You Need is Love”. I nodded and smiled. “It is just the Two of Us here, I want to love you When I’m 64”, I said, without thinking much about it.
“I do not want another Girl, my Lovely Rita, I only Want To Hold Your hand.
I Need You, Eight days a Week”.
“I Want to Tell You Something”, Lovely Rita whispered  as she laid down next to me.
“It is Only Love In My Life and I love you, you are my Sun King”.
I kissed her forehead and she fell asleep, Her Majesty in my hands.  A miracle. Every Little Thing She Said kept running through my head. Things We said Today.
From Me to You.
P.S. Lovely Rita, I Want to Be Your Man…


Hey Jude

by Staša Aberšek

Hey Jude!
    I’m a Loser.   Yesterday  I met Michelle. It was just the Two of Us there. I was The Fool on the Hill.
Do You Want to Know a Secret?
I’ve Got a Feeling that I’ve never had before. When I Get Home, you will want to fix this. But there is a problem…
I like her too much. When I am with her I feel Free As a Bird. Ask Me Why, but I won’t answer.
I Will Cry Instead.



by Miha Krištofelc

She came in Through The Bathroom Window just as I had entered the room. I recognised her immediately. It was Sexy Sadie.
She started talking about how She is Leaving Home and The Strawberry Fields Forever ,to run away from the Taxman. I told her to slow down and start from the beginning. She didn’t want to talk. She just said that escaping the Taxman will make her as Free as a Bird and that I should not worry because she will Get back.
A few years later when I was Back in the USSR   I Saw Her Standing There. I saw she was very happy and that she had moved on so I decided to move on as well and Let It Be.