I have prepared for you some poems I have written about love. First one is about break up, the second
one is about losing the love of your life and the third one is about first love. I hope you
enjoy reading them.


Looking out the window,
tears running down the cheeks,
trying to heal the wounds,
that you gave to me.

Taping broken pieces,
that once were a whole heart,
trying to forget,
all the moments that we shared.

Walking in rain,
happy no one can see me cry,
drinking morning coffee,
from your favourite mug.

Listening to sad music,
and relating hard,
picking up heart pieces,
after seeing you with a new one.

Laying in my bed,
dreaming of better times,
hoping someday,
I can finally smile.


I am sitting in a park,
the sun is shining,
kids are smiling,
and I am trying not to cry.

Looking at the pictures,
from when we were young,
but now I am old and alone,
because you left me behind.

I know it is not your fault,
but it makes me want to cry,
I am counting down the days,
when I join you in the sky.

But until then,
I will try to smile,
enjoy the little things,
like we did together all the time.


I will love you in the darkest nights,
when there is nothing but candles and street lights.
I will love you when the silence grows,
in places no one knows.

I will hold you when you cry,
and when we say our last goodbye.
So, love and hold me like I do,
and everything we desire will come true.