While fitness centres and gyms were closed, we were forced to start exercising from home. During the quarantine, many workout videos have been uploaded on YouTube to help us pick up a very healthy habit. In this article I will present to you my five favourite workout videos, which fill me with the energy I need for school and other work.


1. Selena Gomez workout for abs, arms, and legs

A combination of yoga, Pilates and body toning that celebrities love. Selena Gomez’s personal trainer Amy Rosoff Davis guides us through a 30 min long routine, which is suitable for everyone. In the video Amy and Anna show the advanced exercises, while Brittney demonstrates the beginner version. For this workout you will only need a mat and a chair for balance if needed. The workout is low impact, but you feel your muscles working and burning.

2. 30 min cardio Latin dance workout

Cardio doesn’t have to be boring. While dancing you burn many calories and enjoy doing it. Dance instructor Nicole Steen cheerfully presents a 30 min dance workout, featuring Latin rhythms. Even if you are not that much of a dancer, you can follow Tarra for the modified version. You don t need any equipment, just feel the beat, and get ready to shake those hips.

3. »Razgibaj se-oblikovanje telesa« (body shaping workout)

A full body workout, designed by Slovenian licenced trainer Tjaša Havnik combines cardio and toning elements. The workout starts with a warm-up and dynamic stretch, then the main part and after the programme comes a full body stretch and relax. The exercises are easy to follow along also in a beginner and advanced version. This workout is an hour long and you will need a mat and some light weights.

4. Pamela Reif: 30 min beginner legs + booty workout

Pamela s workouts are mostly for the people, who aren’t t new to exercising, when I started working out on a regular basis I couldn’t t finish any of her routines, except for this one. The 30 min beginner lower body workout is guided and focused on the thighs, calves, and the booty. It is easy to follow, and breaks are included. Pamela offers a variety of workouts and workout plans, suitable for your physical condition all for free.

5. Selena Gomez workout cardio + toning 45 min

Amy Rosoff Davis is my favourite fitness trainer because her workouts are dynamic and really target the muscles and she also encourages you into pushing your limits. This workout, also recommended by Selena Gomez is 45 min long and it is a combination of barre, cardio, HIIT, toning, Pilates, yoga and stretching. You will need a mat, light weights and a band, but if you are a beginner, you can do the exercises body weight only and follow Brittney showing the modifications. Find what is best for you.