by Neža Jelen Križovnik


Every year a new generation of students comes to our school.” Fazanovanje” is Gimnazija Slovenj Gradec’ s tradition of welcoming new students to our school. This year generation 2002, which I am a part of, enrolled in high school, all anxious and full of expectation of what awaits us. We all knew we had to go through “fazanovanje” in order to be finally accepted as students of our high school.

One week before “fazanovanje”  some fourth year students came to us and gave us two assignments- one was to do a choreography to a given song and the other was to learn some lyrics to a rap. We had to work together so the best class would win. We also had to take 10 original selfies.

It all started at 17.00 on 22 September. We all came dressed nicely, expecting the worst. First, we had to walk around the church, singing. Then we had to kneel down and repeat our vows to the fourth year students (we had to write our own vows). After that we went inside, in our gym where the main part of the event happened.

First, we danced our choreographies, showed our selfies and 2 students from each class had to rap. Then we were given some assignments we didn’t know beforehand:

We had to draw our class teacher so we chose our best artist for the job. Two girls had to search for a gum in a bowl of whipped cream with their hands behind their back. Two girls had to carry as many ping pong balls on a spoon to a bucket.  Two girls had to carry water in a straw- the one with more water in the cup, won. Two boys and two girls from each class had to pass a tennis ball around in circle without touching it with hands. One student from each class had to do pantomime and teachers had to guess the teacher being presented.  There were also some facts and questions and we had to provide the right answers.

In the end it wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be. This year the class 1.a won and for their reward they had to clean the gym.