Besides alcohol and drug addiction there is a new addiction among teenagers due to smartphones. It is called smartphone addiction.
With constant development of mobile technology our society has become completely obsessed with new smartphones that are becoming easily affordable to anyone. Teenagers and children, who have been growing up with smartphones and other screen devices since they made their first steps, if not before, are the easiest targets of mobile industry.
How children these days spend their time together
It’s more than important to be aware of the fact of how much of your precious time you’re dedicating to social media, followers, likes on Facebook or Instagram etc. Redirect your time in sports activities, read books, go on a trip in nature, walk your dog, have fun with your friends, but without using your phone. Things that may seem important and close to you don’t look the same to your followers. You don’t have to post everything on your social media nor do you have to film a concert of your favourite band just to put it on your Instagram Story. Start living your youth more like your parents did, I bet they all have great memories of their teenage days even though they didn’t own a mobile phone.

This lady is the only one who knows how to cherish a moment

I made a research for my psychology class and surveyed hundred people. My aim was to find out how much of their time people actually spent on their smartphones and what kind of relationship students at my high school have with their smartphones. I made a website questionnaire because this way I was able to include more people in my research than if I used a ton of paper for printing. I wanted to make a comparison between high school students and their parents, so instead of making a survey only with students, I decided to include 20 parents as well.

Babies know how to turn on Youtube for cartoons before they can even talk or walk