handball european cup

On today’s first match of the opening round of the European Cup, handball players from Slovenj Gradec lost for 5 points. Today’s match was played in Slovenj Gradec and the second international Slovenian-Israel match will also be played in Slovenj Gradec. The second match will start on the 18th of September at 7 p.m.

Slovenj Gradec team did not take advantage of its home ground today. They had to admit that Maccabi Rishon Lezion was better than them in the first match. The next chance for Slovenj Gradec players will be at the same venue, tomorrow in 24 hours.

The game was completly equal until the 18th minute. In the next three minutes Israel team made partial score 3:0 and led with 10:7. In the 24th minute they led for four goals (13:9). Handball players from Koroška fought tirelessly despite being behind and hoped for a reversal of the result.

The competition is far from over. The Slovenj Gradec team will return to the floor again tomorrow with an even bigger drive and desire to succeed in this international competition.

In the Slovenj Gradec team the best scorers in today’s match were Uroš Štumpfl with seven and Žan Šol with six goals.

There were six hundred spectators watching the match. Venue was almost completely full. The two judges were from Kosovo. Their names were Beqiri and Krasniqi.

The atmosphere was great.  Childcare was provided. They could have fun at the bouncy castle in the company of animators. At the end of the match there was pizza for everyone. 

 By Jan Kušej, Anika Sešel, Tamara M. Hovnik, Žan Koprivnik