Our school theatre group recently preformed a play, written by a French playwright, Jean Tardieu and let me say, they brought the whole thing to life in a wonderful way.







The audience could feel the importance of love in life in general. It seems to me that people overlook love and don’t see everything that comes with it – the good and the bad. But bad times aren’t actually bad if you know how to talk things through with the ones you hold to your heart.



The preformance proved that taking love for granted can’t be done. The feeling goes hand in hand with warmth and the duo accompanies us every step of the way.





The play definitely, apart from presenting the endless problems of the society we live in – in a humorous way, conveyed the fact that love can overcome all obstacles, if it is the right one. In all this, we mustn’t forget who we are and who we love to be around.



Last but not least, our school theatre group deserves a tribute for putting on a show with heart and soul.



By Gaja Šurc, 2.a