Did you ever stare at your existence gaze

As if with answers it somehow should amaze?

Look for an answer from before,

That lives in a closet from the days of yore.

How to live with others in a way

So that saying that we indeed are good is not us

merely putting on a play.

So – think of all that’s good on our path,

Of the love we all are dealt

That may yesterday, today, tomorrow perhaps be felt.


You set the rules,

Your shrieking fills the room.

Oh, dear girl – you shall be my doom.

Maybe sometimes you yearn

That someone, besides me, for you would bleed,

Oh, dear girl – you’re my doom indeed.

All eyes are set on you – the young, the old,

And of couples, drunk and loud,

Yet I am nowhere amidst the crowd.

We had a fight just last night,

We always tried to make things right,

But alas, you shut the door,

And I’ll see you nevermore.

Written by: Gaja Šurc

Translation by: Tilen Kralj