By Staša Aberšek

  1. FOOD We all know that if you want to stay healthy you have to watch what you put in yourself. Stay away from greasy and sweet food (or at least try). Of course you can reward yourself once in a while but it can’t be too often. If you are craving for sugar, you can eat some fruit. It’s healthy, has a lot of vitamins and it gives you fast enough energy that you will need. It’s important to have more meals through the day but in small amounts. Try to practice slow eating. It will give your mind a chance to process that your body is full and you won’t overeat.


  1. BREAKFAST It is the most important meal of the day. Why? Because it gives you energy for the whole day that is ahead of you. Eating breakfast each day helps you stay healthy because you won’t be too hungry later in the day.


  1. WATER If you drink enough water through the day (at least 2 litters per day) it will help you boost your metabolism and it is also good for your skin. But of course every now and then you will crave for some sugar, but try to avoid them and instead of drinking Cola, drink fruit juices (sugar free) or you can make yourself home-made lemonade.


  1. SLEEP It affects our mental and physical condition. Lack of sleep affects your metabolism and immune system. Sleep allows the body to relax and repair which cannot happen when person is awake. Because of our difficult and long schedule it is often impossible to go to sleep in time, but try to organize your schedule in the way that you will have enough time for a decent sleep. You will wake up full of energy and you will be less stressed through the day, which is one of the strongest terms to a healthy life.


  1. EXERCISE Even if you go just for a short walk through the day it’s enough to keep you relaxed and less stressed. Fresh air will help you not just to stay fit, but you will also be more concentrated and it will help you study faster and better which will give you opportunity to a longer sleep. But don’t forget that it will take some time to get fit and you have to be patient, it’s a long but worthy process. If you want to fasten the process, you have different apps on your phone that measure how much water you drink during the day, or when you have to eat something. There are also apps for different exercises that will help you get in shape. You need to remember, that through the day, the little things matter. Say NO to that piece of chocolate your friend offered. Go to shop by walking, take your dog on a walk or go with friends, get some fresh air, but mostly stay positive and happy.