Primary school, high school… it all sounds so simple, until you reach the point where you have to figure out what you want to be in life. The future of your life and your life’s work lies in one crucial decision and also in the results of your matura exams. When I was in the final year of high school, I had my future all planned out, I knew exactly what I wanted to study and what sort of job I would love to have. All my dreams were crushed when I received my matura exam results.


I was two grades short of my academic dreams becoming a reality. I didn’t get into the college program I thought I was destined for. All summer I was searching for an optimal solution of what I should do; should I take a gap year, or should I try to find another college program that piqued my interest and had similar future job opportunities. I went with plan B and did a lot of research on all sorts of programs and finally stumbled upon the one I am attending at the moment and I absolutely love it. Some would say it’s fortune in misfortune, but I would much rather call it faith. With my quick story I wanted to let all the future college freshmen know, that there are plenty of choices for your further education, I advise you to research them all and not be pinned down to just one in particular, like I was.

You might just fall in love with something you never thought you would.